FC Audio Tools ver 2.0.0 released.

Version 2.0.0 is live now!

New FC Audio Tools has changed greatly function and appearance. Please add a sophisticated sound in your app.

If have purchased the previous version can upgrade for free!

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Change log.

General - NEW: Level Adjuster Tool. - NEW: New skin. - ADD: Accept a load of broken wav file. - ADD: Send to FCAudioTools to context menu. - IMP: Reduced memory footprint when AudioClip loading. - IMP: Reduced CPU usage. (re-draw and timing optimization) - FIX: LoopMusicDemo scene objects/scripts. - FIX: If all of the marker texts is empty, an broke wav-save.

Wave Editor - NEW: Editing of multiple files. - ADD: Channel mute for preview. - FIX: Export AnimationClip-float parameter is 0 reserved. - CHG: Disable auto layout of selection status box. - CHG: Drop file to edit.

Level Adjuster - NEW: First release.