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Incoming FC Audio Tools version 2!

Thank you for the support of FC Audio Tools!

It will be the first major upgrade in June. This will new tools and new features added. Of course, these will run Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Level Adjuster In version 2.0 new tool, it will add Level Adjuster. It performs reproduction of a plurality of assets is a function that can adjust the sound volume. The image on the right side of the screen shot you see.

Are you troubled by the sound effects and music volume is incorrect? Sound experts in your team, might have a different work. Do not worry even in such a case. To drop the file you want to edit to Level Adjuster window. And, while listening to each sound, moving the volume bar. The sound is immediately able to preview.

I believe that it is difficult to adjust to listen? The tool adds RMS-based analysis capabilities, can display the magnitude of the volume in the visual. In a future version, loudness-based analysis is implemented.

In fact, this tool is not only adjust the volume. Media player functions to listen to the asset in order also combine. It has a feature that links to audio mixer, asset folders and Wave Editor.

Wave Editor Wave Editor is now to be able to edit multiple files. To open of that because the file has changed. Please drop the file to the window. This will you can patchwork of sound.

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