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Wave Editor

Wave Editor shows you're a graphical representation of the waveform and other information about the audio file. Provides quick access to some of the most tasks in the Wave Editor.

To try it out

  1. Show the Wave Editor tab. (Choose menu Window -> FCAudioTools -> Wave Editor)

  2. Drop file to edit from project tab to the Wave Editor window.

  3. Use the WaveEditor to the editing of the waveform.

  4. Choose to save (overwrite or a new file).

Waveform edit functions

Document Link

Playback functions

Loop Toggle
Play from first
Time zoom in/out
Level zoom in/out
Selection status boxes
Current position dB
Basic mouse operation


Click on the waveform view, the position of the current cursor moves.

Double-click or Drag on the waveform, selected area of between regions will be turned on. Selection area is the range of editing and process.


Mouse wheel up is Zoom in horizontally. Mouse Wheel down is Zoom out horizontally.

Full waveform view


Allows for quick navigation and playback of any part of the audio. The current selection is also represented in the full waveform view.

Selection area

waveform area
full waveform area
Selection status boxes


Shows the beginning, end, and length of a selection. If no selection has been made, only the cursor position is displayed.

View > Time Format of in Wave Editor menu to display, which allows you to choose a time format.

No selection

Cursor position


Selection start

Selection end

Selection length

Time zoom in/out


To zoom in and out horizontally by small increments, click the Time zoom in/out buttons.


Indicates the number of samples of data represented by each point on the screen horizontally. This determines the length of time shown in the waveform display, With a small resolution value ( 1:1, 1:2, 1:4, ... ), a shorter length of time is displayed.

Time zoom ratio

The current zoom ratio appears in the lower-right corner of the window.

The zoom ratio determines the number of samples represented by each horizontal pixel on the screen. The zoom ratio is a value of A: B, where A is the number of horizontal pixels and B is the number of samples.


If the zoom ratio 1:1, each pixel on the screen represents one sample.

If the zoom ratio 1:1024, 1024 samples are represented by each pixel on the screen.


For high precise editing, you may want to zoom in more tightly than a 1:1 ratio. Wave Editor allows up to 4:1 ratio, where 4pixels on the screen represent one sample.

Level zoom in/out


Shows the amplitude of the waveform. To zoom in and out vertically by small increments, click the Level zoom in/out buttons.

As a result, you can adjust the height of the waveform view size.

Toolbar Buttons 


The standard waveform edit buttons are displayed by default when you start the Wave Editor.






Saves the current audio waveform. After editing, to load to AudioClip, you will need to do this. Save is a destructive operation. After doing this, you will not be able to return to the previous file contents.

Removes selected waveform. This command does not affect if there is no selection.

Copies selected waveform to a clipboard. This command does not affect if there is no selection.

Insert a copy of the clipboard with the current insertion point. If there is a selection, this command replaces the selected data with the clipboard data.



Clipboard of FC Audio Tools is closed in this software. Cut / Copy function of Wave Editor is not a possible transfer of other applications and assets. It will only save the last one.



Stops playback.

Plays the file.

  • If there is no selection, playback occurs from the cursor to end of the file.

  • If there is a selection, playback is performed from the beginning to the end of the range.

  • If the file contains loops and loop toggle enabled, the loops will repeat.

Play from first

Loop Toggle

Document Link

Click to play the entire file from beginning to end. Otherwise, it is the same as the Play.

Plays the selected data in a continuous mode.

Open browser to documents site.



After you open a file, you can play it by clicking the Play button on the standard toolbar. When playing audio, the current playback position is shown above the waveform. Cursor the visible portion of the waveform view.

You can begin playback from any point in audio.

  1. Click position the cursor in the waveform view. A flashing cursor is displayed.

  2. Click the Play button on the standard toolbar, The audio plays from the cursor position.


In loop playback, play the entire audio or selection. It is played in a continuous loop.

Click the Loop Toggle button on the standard toolbar to turn loop playback on and off.

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