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Markers and Sample Loop



Marker serve as reference points along the timeline.

Inserting a marker

From the Insert > Marker in Wave Editor menu to add a marker at the current cursor position. Markers are reference points you can place throughout a file. You can use markers to identify positions for editing.



You can also insert markers by pressing the M key.


Renaming a marker

If you want to name the marker, right click the tag and choose Rename from the menu. Type a name for the marker in the edit box and apply.


Moving a marker

Drag the marker icon to a new location.


Deleting a marker

Right click the marker and choose Delete from the menu.

Sample Loop 


A loop is a sample in an audio file that is repeated during playback. Samples are finite and frequently. 

Therefore, they must be looped to create longer or sustaining sounds. If you are want to automatic loop region on AudioClip, you use this feature.


Creating a loop

  1. Create a selection containing the beginning of the waveform.

  2. With the Loop Toggle button selected in the standard toolbar, click the Play button to preview the loop.

  3. From the Insert > SampleLoop > Create to create a loop at the current selection area. The ruler to specify the loop's start and end points.

Moving a loop

Drag the loop sample region on the ruler to a new location.


Deleting a loop

Right click the loop sample region and choose Delete from the menu.

Creating a loop with crossfade

If when it is difficult to find a loop point, you can composite the processing of smooth volume change by the cross-fade.

Insert > SampleLoop > Create Looped Crossfade to open dialog at the current selection area. 

This function processes a waveform into a smooth volume change for the last of a loop, and the first time, it will set up the required loop range.


This dialog has a Crossfade Time parameter.

Crossfade Time is the time used for cross fade. This processing treats the following time width, respectively. 

Selection area

Crossfade Time

Loop area


Crossfade Time

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