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Get started today with FC Audio Tools - free!

Audio tools on Unity


FC Audio Tools is Editor extension for audio software on Unity game engine.

Sound assets of your project, Wave Editor can be processed directly in the editor. Your audio assets analyze, edit, generates effects and loops. As a result, enhance your sound, provide a unified environment.


Works with Unity5. Full support for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Unity players tested for Web player, Windows(x86, x64), Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Store Apps, Universal Windows Platform.

1 Click volume unification


It will download the audio material of BGM and sound effects from a variety of services. The problem is not uniform the volume of each audio material.


Level Adjuster is all volume unification by one lick or manual adjusting. The background processing does not stop your work,

32bit float processing


It processes all waveforms with 32bit float precision. This will minimize the noise in the process.

Sample loop creation


Create AudioClip with metadata of the A/B loop on the PCM, ADPCM, and Vorbis compression.


Sample loop region creating with auto crossfade.

Supported File Formats








FC Audio Tools is available in the following languages:


  • English

  • Japanese


FC Audio Tools softwares automatically run in the desktop language of the user.

For developer, composer and sound designer

In order to edit the music and the audio which you distribute, you can use FC Audio Tools without restriction. When FC Audio Tools is used by your asset, you may use the name and screenshots for the description. You may do these without an agreement to Future Cartographer.

Why tool"s"?

Now, there is only WaveEditor to FCAudioTools. I have plans to offer you the other tools in the future.

It will work on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.


However, the FC Audio Tools is not a tool for the only sound professionals. Developer beginners and hobbyist is, is to provide a package that can be safely processing the audio. So, if there is that you are in trouble in the sound, please tell me whether it to me.

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