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Change log


- ADD: Add dedicated package for Unity 2017.4 or later
- CHG: URLs to documents/news
- FIX: Unified console log tags ([FCAT], [WaveEditor], [LevelAdjuster])

Level Adjuster
- ADD: Assets list export/import
- FIX: When playing different sampling rate sounds in continuous mode.


- FIX: Using obsolete APIs in Unity2017

Wave Editor
- FIX: When signal power overs -1.0/1.0, float .wav format holds its. (signals are nondestructive)
- ADD: Export markers to AnimationClip can specify the frame rate


- FIX: GUI skins appearance in Unity5.6
- FIX: Compile error of sample scripts in Unity5.6
- FIX: Console warning message in Unity5.5 and Unity5.6



- FIX: Console warning message on Unity5.5

Wave Editor
- IMP: When clicking on the marker label, the name change dialog is displayed.
- IMP: Change mouse cursor on SampleLoop, Marker's label, and message.

- CHG: All settings move to Preferences menu. (Choose menu Edit -> Preferences -> FC Audio Tools)
- ADD: Open facebook page.

Wave Editor
- NEW: Support editing undo/redo

Level Adjuster
- FIX: Shared audioclip between Level Adjuster and Wave Editor

- IMP: Edited clip was memory release. Improved script compile time after the window closed.

Level Adjuster
- FIX: When lost focus does not transition to continue playback. 


- NEW: Level Adjuster Tool.
- NEW: New skin.
- ADD: Accept a load of the broken wav file.
- ADD: Send to FCAudioTools to the context menu.
- IMP: Reduced memory footprint when AudioClip loading.
- IMP: Reduced CPU usage. (re-draw and timing optimization)
- FIX: LoopMusicDemo scene objects/scripts.
- FIX: If all of the marker texts is empty, a broke wav-save.

Wave Editor
- NEW: Editing of multiple files.
- ADD: Channel mute for preview.
- FIX: Export AnimationClip-float parameter is 0 reserved.
- CHG: Disable auto layout of selection status box.
- CHG: Drop file to edit.

Level Adjuster
- NEW: First release.

- ADD: Event callback demo that is synchronized with the AnimationClip and AudioClip.
- FIX: Remove an empty name label from wav file. (output file size reduction.)
- FIX: Size calculation of the wav file that contains many markers.
- FIX: If all of the marker texts is empty, a wav-open exception occurs.
- CHG: Sub dialogs close at reloading editor assemblies.

- ADD: Export markers to AnimationClip. (File > Export > Markers > AnimatonClip)
- ADD: Export markers to Json. (File > Export > Markers > Json)
- ADD: Import markers from Json. (File > Import > Markers > Json)
- ADD: Snap the Selection and cursor to the marker position (Disable temporarily by the shift key)
- FIX: Optimized markers rendering.
- FIX: Toolbar buttons status at the preview. 

- NEW: Audio Mixer Demo(Link to Audio Mixer files).
- ADD: Create/AudioClip/(mono - 8ch) to context menu.
- CHG: Change Demo subdirectories in FCAudioTools.

- NEW: Link to Audio Mixer.

- FIX: Editing data broken at script re-compile.

- NEW: Selection per channel.
- ADD: Cut/Copy/Paste between channels.
- ADD: Support for processing per channel.
- ADD: Selection trimming.
- FIX: Sometimes no display cue markers.
- FIX: When the script reloads, the waveform zoom level is reset.
- FIX: Marker display after the movement.
- FIX: Selection drag to outside the WaveEditor window.
- CHG: Processing the selection channels to work.(Cut/Copy/Paste/Playback sound/All Process)
- DEL: Removed menu "Paste Special/Overwrite" (Replaced new Paste)

- NEW: Add Create/AudioClip to context menu.
- FIX: Does not work in the FCAudioTools directories changed.
- FIX: Editing data broken at script re-compile.
- FIX: Static dependence of Assembly-CSharp dll file.
- CHG: FCAudioToolsPlayPreview gameobject is hide now.

Wave Editor
- ADD: Open files from audio clips object picker. Choose to File > Open.
- FIX: the Unusual return of edits by the scripts reload.
- FIX: Audio Clip files path tracking. (move,rename,delete and etc)

Wave Editor
- ADD: Cut with removes selected waveform and places it on the clipboard.
- ADD: Del key to call the Cut.
- FIX: Cut/Copy with no selection.
- FIX: Appearance of line width on Intel GPU and AMD GPU.
- FIX: When selecting the Process menu, waveform view position of change.
- FIX: Playback crash when the Sample Loop indicates the outside waveform. 
- FIX: Crash when waveform size is 0.
- FIX: Console error log when you close the dialog. (only Mac OS X Editor)

- NEW: First release with WaveEditor.

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