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How do you uninstall?

If you want to uninstall or clean install the FC Audio Tools, please delete the 'Assets/FCAudioTools' directory.

Is this runs on a standalone?

No, Now, FC Audio Tools is an extension of the Unity game engine. It will work on it. It works in the editor on Windows and Mac OS X.

What is GameObject named FCAudioToolsPlayPreview?

* before ver1.0.2

To Scene Hierarchy, you will sometimes see GameObject of the name of 'FCAudioToolsPlayPreview.' This GameObject is Instantiated if the Play button is clicked for the playback function of FC Audio Tools. 


This is destroyed when it playback stops. If you save a scene, this GameObject may live.

This GameObject has an EditorOnly tag. The building will not be affected. 

However, you can delete this GameObject manually. Alternatively, it is destroyed when playback is stopped next time. 

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